Why uPhoria®?

Introducing uPhoria, the most advanced in-office whitening system available. Powered by sono-chemistry, uPhoria is a gentle whitening experience designed to brighten your smile in only 4 minutes without any tooth sensitivity.  The in-office procedure is complimented with  an optional at home kit for maintenance between appointments.


  • Fast: easily incorporated in every dental visit, the in-office treatment whitens 2 to 6 shades in 4 minutes, less than 10 minutes of chair time.
  • Safe: clinically proven, the in-office treatment is 100% enamel safe and does not require soft tissue isolation . uPhoria is a pain-free experience.
  • Affordable: the uPhoria experience, including the in-office treatment and the at home solution is less than $200, less than half the cost of other providers

Find out more here: uphoriasmile.com