Best dental office in Nephi. Great friendly staff and the Dentist Dr Scott Shakespear and Hygienist Leesa are Rock Stars! The office is beautiful, friendly and very clean. Highly recommend this dental office! – Kohl B.

Laser dentistry was great for my kids. Fixed all their cavities at once with no pain or shots and Dr Shakespear was awesome. Best dental experience they’ve ever had. – Denise J.

Tammy R. – Solea Laser Experience Video Interview Transcript

Dr. Petersen: “I’m Dr. Scott Petersen. I’m here with Tammy. We just did a standard fillings dental procedure with our new Solea Laser and we wanted to ask Tammy how her experience was compared to what she’s used to in the past with [the] standard drill, getting numb and everything. So, how does is compare?”

Tammy: “This is the best dental experience I’ve ever had in my entire life! Before when I would come to the dentist, I wouldn’t sleep the night before I was scared, when I’d get here I’d have a death grip on the arm rest my knuckles would turn white and we’d have to go through the procedure of the shot and trying to get numb. And I didn’t even have to get numb today. I felt virtually nothing it wasn’t even as bad as a cleaning. So, it was great! Eight cavities and they’re all filled, no pain. It was awesome!”

Dr. Petersen: “That’s great! So you would highly recommend the laser?”

Tammy: “Highly recommend the laser!”

Dr. Petersen: “Awesome! Well, thank you, and now you can leave and you’re not drooling all over yourself and numb everywhere.”

Tammy: “Yes, right, it’s great!”

Dr. Petersen: “It’s awesome! Well, give us a call if you have any questions about our laser, thank you.”

If any of you are looking for an amazing dental experience, you really need to check out Pinnacle Advanced Dentistry in Nephi. Seriously, Dr. Petersen did work on my teeth using this AMAZING new laser technology and I didn’t have to get a shot, didn’t drool all over myself due to numbness brought on by said shot, and didn’t have to deal with the achy feeling that lasts for at least 24 hours after a dentist appointment due to my sensitive teeth. It was fast and completely painless. Plus, in the current Covid environment, it was safer too, because the laser also kills viruses and bacteria before they even leave your mouth. Pretty amazing, right?

Also, Dr. Petersen is one of the few dentists in Utah who is Fast Braces certified. If you don’t know what Fast Braces are, look it up, because they are amazing. Sam got his first four brackets and it was so easy! Fast Braces are way more affordable, way faster, and way safer for your teeth. Wow, I said “way” a lot there. But I’m serious about this. If you can’t tell by the expression on my face in the pic, I was super stoked about this experience. 😉
– Hannah C.

I recently had Dr Petersen put veneers on some of my teeth! He did such an incredible job!! The minute I walked into his office, I was treated so kindly by all his staff members. Dr Petersen was very meticulous and detail oriented. I wanted the most natural smile I could get, and he did just that for me. He’s friendly and makes you feel so comfortable. I’m so glad I went with veneers instead of braces. It only took two appointments and they were done!!!!! Life’s too short to not love your smile!
– Kelly W.

Great place for dental work. Staff is really friendly. I am always greeted and felt like I was glad to be there. Dr. Petersen is a great dentist and is honest and trustworthy!!
– Blair P.

Dr. Scott Petersen is great! He’s very nice, honest and great at what he does! I definitely recommend him to anyone needing a great dentist!
– Kelly C.

Going to the dentist isn’t my favorite thing to do but Dr. Petersen and his staff make it a great experience. They are friendly, efficient and always looking to improve. They are professional and fun at the same time. They genuinely care about you and your family. Best customer service which is extremely hard to find these days. I for one appreciate their efforts.
– Leigh F.

They are awesome with my kids and use great modern equipment to keep your smile looking amazing!
– Shanel R.

The kindness by everyone one at Pinnacle is always such a joy. I’m nearing the end of my FastBraces (20 weeks) and have been surprised at how quickly my teeth have moved/straightened and how little pain or sensitivity I have experienced. I recommend this place to my friends.
– Sarah D.

Dr. Peterson and his staff are always friendly and they do a great job at making you feel comfortable, even at the dentist! 🙂 Dr. Peterson does a great job and will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. Highly recommend.
– Michael P.

We love Dr. Petersen’s office. Everyone is very friendly and we are always in and out so fast. The fast braces are amazing!
– Nate R.

The staff is great to work with my kids and have let them come watch and warm up to the idea of having a dentist look in their mouth. This makes it easier on everyone involved! Dentist Scott had his football shirt on today while checking my teeth. I love going to a place where the employees love the community and make you feel comfortable! Surround sound music and oils diffusing… this is a great dentist office!
– Camee C.

Update: I have continued to love this dental office. Everyone is wonderful! I have had my teeth cleaned, misc dental work, teeth whitening, and even a mouth guard for sleep apnea/snoring made. I appreciate how straightforward they are with cost and the choices you have in choosing the care that is right for you.

Original review: I cannot say enough good about my experience so far with this dental office. They fit me in for an emergency as a new patient (thanks Janae!!!!!!!) and were able to address the issue immediately and relieve my misery:). Dr. Scott Petersen was able to get me completely numb (which is really difficult) and I had a pain free root canal. The entire office is friendly and professional, and they were great at calming my anxiety. Thanks for a great experience!
– Kelli S.

Today was my first time at Pinnacle Advanced Dentistry and I was impressed! They got me right in, and everyone was super nice and welcoming. I met so many people that work there, (it seemed everyone stopped in to say, “hello”). There was an amazing energy in the office which made it fun and not stressful. They answered all my questions and made sure I felt at ease. Thank you Sue Ann, Dr. Peterson, Janae and Annette for all your kindness.
– Laura F.

I hate having dental work done, but Dr. Peterson and his staff always make it a good experience. All the work I’ve had done there has been Exceptional! When I’m having tooth pain they can always get me right in!!! The best part of my visits are that they always have Kenny Rogers playing for me!!!
– Michael J.

These guys were amazing! My 5 year old had to get a cavity fixed and Dr. Scott used the laser to fix it. We were in and out of there in 30 minutes with no crying! The staff was so friendly and always there to help!
– Megan H.

Friendliest people I’ve ever met. We’re not treated as patients, but family members! I love their work. They fixed 3 of my family’s smiles. 6 months in between visits is too long. I wish it was every 3 at most. Everyone is wonderful and it’s a beautiful office and new high tech equipment. We love Pinnacle!!
– Linda F.

Pinnacle Advanced Dentistry is a great office. The staff are professional and fun. They are always on schedule (which I really appreciate). I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for a dental office.
– Tamara W.

These guys are amazing on price and do solid work. The staff is very professional and friendly. Highly recommend these guys!!!!
– Braxton W.

Dr. Scott Petersen has helped my 92 year old Mother out two or three times recently. His office gets her right in when she has a problem. Dr. Scott always comes right out after the procedure and explains how everything went and what to expect. His staff is very friendly. The office is always clean and pleasant.
– Cory S.

I made an appointment with Dr. Petersen for a second opinion. I was very happy with his recommendations and he fixed me up on the spot. The office staff was very friendly and I greatly appreciated everything about my experience.
– Kristy Z.

Caring staff, pleasant & kid friendly atmosphere, awesome options for teeth-whitening and braces.
– Sherry A.

They always get me right in. Everyone there is always nice and helpful. Dr. Petersen is very professional and very experienced. I’ve always gone to him because I know that whatever needs to be done to my teeth, it will be done the first time. He always explains the procedure and then lets me know what to expect after having it done. The staff is very professional and his assistants are very knowledgeable and very helpful. They really do care about your smile!
– Jana K.

Our entire family loves Dr. Petersen, the staff, and this dental clinic. After moving to the area from out of state, we went to Dr. Petersen once we needed to find a new dentist and we couldn’t have made a better decision. We’ve been treated so well and every dental need has been met with the utmost care. My kids don’t complain about dental appointments at all because they know they’ll be treated so well. We honestly scored when we chose this dental clinic.
– Melanie A.

So appreciate the staff and Dr Peterson for their efficiency to help me and the care they show.
– Jill H.

Best dental experience ever. I love coming here to get my teeth cleaned and when I need additional help they are always so friendly and quick to get me in.
– Jarom E.

Love Dr. Scott Petersen. I am not a Big Fan of the Dentist. But, he makes you feel very comfortable and cares about your well being. The staff is also very friendly. I highly recommend him.
– Megan T.

They got us in last-minute notice same day. Had movie glasses for my child to watch a movie. Dr. Scott Petersen is the best there is! The staff is super friendly.
– Stephanie B.

Dr. Scott Peterson changed my life. I think he, and his staff are the absolute best. Thank you so much for giving me my smile back!
– Randy H.